Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Waterproof Ignition System for Outdoor Fire Pit Burning Systems

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This submersible fire pit burning system is designed for a fire and water feature. It automatically ignites and burns fire ON the water! Two pounds of pressure force open the valves which release either natural gas or liquid propane into the water which is then lit at the surface of the water by an ignitor that remains lit the entire time. The control box is completely submersed in the water, and therefore, is perfect for all outdoor fire features because is is completely waterproof. This ignition system is currently undergoing certification.

This is an example of a 12" Square manifold that sits beneath the surface of the water. We have manifolds in a variety of sizes to fit your fire and water feature needs including a 4 linear manifold.

For more information on our underwater burner, custom fire pit kits, portable hearths and crossfire burners, please visit us online or call today, 1-877-556-5255.

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landscaping idea photo galleries

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